policy 1

We love the beach and the forest but we don’t want it in the house. Please remove your shoes at the front door.


Policy 2

Quiet time is between 11pm and 6am. Shhhhhh people are sleeping. It is incredibly quiet here at night, the outside walls of the house are 10 inches thick. If you have the window open you might hear some strange noises; sea lions barking and the fog horn or whistle buoy. We are very close to the ocean so you also might hear waves crashing. Since quiet time is at 11pm the hot tub closes at 10:30pm.


Policy 3

Small kids and pets. I love kids but they are unpredictable. Crying half the night, throwing up on things, throwing food and generally freaking out. Not to say all kids do these things. But some do and I can’t risk it. So I have a policy of no babies or small children. The house isn’t baby proof and it’s impossible to guaranty other guests quiet enjoyment of their room with a baby in the room next to them. Also we love animals, but not everyone does. Some people have allergies. So we keep pets out of the rooms. There is a golden doodle (hypoallergenic) named Ruby that lives here, we keep her out of the rooms too. Thank you for your understanding.


The Grey Pebble is a smoke free environment. Please do not smoke.